Motorcycles Insured by Rider

Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes have an upright riding position with handlebars a comfortable distance from the seat, mid controls, lightweight (usually under 500 lbs), 2 & 4 stroke engines, knobby off-road style tires, off-road use only, 125cc to 650cc and are typically foreign made. A dirt bike is designed for off-road use only and does not contain street legal lights or tires. Dirt bikes are bare bones with no additional convenience packages. Suspension travel is very tall to accommodate uneven riding surfaces. There are a variety of these types of dirt bikes by various manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Husqvarna and KTM.

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Plymouth Rock Assurance is a marketing name used by a group of separate companies that write and manage property and casualty insurance in multiple states. Motorcycle insurance in New Jersey and Pennsylvania is underwritten by Rider Insurance Company. Each of the companies is financially responsible for its own insurance products. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued by each separate company.

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