Motorcycles Insured by Rider


Upright riding position, mid to forward controls, 3 wheels, heavyweight, can contain bodywork, saddlebags, trunks, tour packs, street use only, 500cc and up, foreign and domestic made

Other Types of Motorcycles Insured

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Rider will only insure manufactured trikes with seating limited to one passenger.

Trike Insurance

++ If insured under the Optional Coverages, the NADA book value of certain trike conversion kits will be added to the book value of the stock motorcycle; after depreciation the total cannot exceed $45,000. Lehman Trikes, Moto Trikes, and California Side Car Trikes are the trike conversion kits to which this applies, although Rider updates the list from time to time to include others. All trike conversion kits not on the list will be covered under the Rider Accessory Package, if applicable. If you want to check if your particular kit has been added to the list, please contact our office.

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