Motorcycle Detailing Tips

Getting Your Baby Clean

You may have just pulled your bike out of winter storage or for whatever reason the bike needs a good cleaning. If you want to get your baby shining like new, here’s how:

- Prep the bike for a good wash and wax:

    - Lift the bike and secure it on a motorcycle jack (this allows for undercarriage access).

    - Cover all exposed electronics (Taping a plastic bag works).

    - Cover all exposed air intakes (Cover the carburetor and fuel injection intake).

- Spray the bike with a hose, get it good and wet:

    - Use a clean sponge and good quality car wash soap (lather it up real well)

    - Make sure to get every nook and cranny (with the bike lifted you can rotate the wheels).

- If your drivetrain has some grease build up, you can use a degreaser (let it sit for 5 minutes).

- Rinse the entire bike.

- Dry the bike with a microfiber cloth:

    - Make sure to dry every nook and cranny

- Removing the seat and easy accessory coverings will make it much easier to polish the paint.

- If your bike has some age, the paint may have swirl marks or scratches. Use rubbing compound made for light scratches. Apply just like wax until the entire service has a dry film. The hard part is rubbing it off with a good microfiber cloth. When you’re done the paint should have more shine and some scratches should disappear.


- Protect the paint with a good Carnauba wax. Apply until there is a dry film covering all of the paint. Rub the film off with a microfiber cloth and your paint should shine like new. You can then put the seat and coverings back on the bike.

- Protect your seat with a conditioner for vinyl or leather.

- Clean and polish your windshield with a manufacturer recommended cleaner. Windex may not work on a plastic windshield.

- Clean chrome and aluminum with a metal polish. Protect both of them with a good waxing. A spoke cleaner will help with getting in between those tricky spokes.

- Do not use tire dressing because it can cause the tire to lose traction (Motorcycle tires are rounded, car tires are more square. The edge of a motorcycle tire is where most turning occurs and traction should be optimal.)

Once your bike is shining and pristine, take it out for a spin. If it is covered in bugs, you had a good time. As they say, wash, rinse and repeat!