Motorcycle Licensing – Rider Insurance

There’s nothing quite like the experience of being on the back of a bike, driving down the highway without a care in the world. Yet, to do that, you need to make sure you are road-ready and know and meet motorcycle licensing requirements. It is critical to have the right licensing in place to make sure your experience is a good one – and to comply with your state laws.

What Type of Motorcycle Licensing Do You Need?

Each state has specific rules set by the state’s department of motor vehicles and legislature that govern motorcycle licensing. Most of the time, this includes:

  • Meeting the minimum age requirement set by the state
  • Obtaining a specific motorcycle license, which may be separate from a traditional driver’s license, or may be an endorsement on your current driver’s license
  • Taking a test that ensures you have the skills necessary to operate a motorcycle in a safe way
  • Registering the motorcycle with the state
  • Maintaining proper insurance coverage, usually liability insurance

The problem is each state has a few different requirements. Some do not require a separate motorcycle license. Others may have different age requirements. To help you, you will find a list of the rules for your state listed on this page. Take a few minutes now to check out what the rules apply in your state for operating a motorcycle. Keep in mind these rules may update from time to time.

How to Get A Motorcycle License

Take a look at the motorcycle licensing resources by state. This is a bit of a DIY in that you will need to check the available link for your state. Here you will find your state’s motor vehicle and department of insurance websites and motorcycle manuals to help you get what you need to get out on your bike legally and safely.

Get Your Motorcycle Insurance

Before you get out on the road, make sure you are properly insured. Motorcycle insurance is required in most states for on-road as well as off-road vehicles in some cases. The minimum insurance requirements vary but state, but regardless of what is required, protecting yourself and your investment is always a good idea.

See pages about motorcycle licensing requirements by state listed below.