Tips for Bringing Motorcycle Out of Storage

Tips for Bringing Your Motorcycle Out of Long-Term or Winter Storage

For those of us with long winters, we can’t wait to get out and ride! Here are a few simple tips for bringing your bike out of storage:

- Pull the bike out and get it off the ground (securely strap it to a motorcycle jack)

- Check the following for damage from corrosion and replace when needed:

    - Brake and throttle cables

    - Brake Lines

    - Oil lines

    - Rims and spokes if applicable

    - Frame corrosion

- Check all light bulbs to see if they are in working order

- Check and replace fluids if needed (Oil, gas, coolant)

- Check condition of tires for dry rot (fill with air to manufacturer specifications)


- Check for loose bolts from previous vibration and tighten them

- Check condition of brakes and replace if needed

- Check the condition of wheel and neck bearings for proper endplay

- Give the bike a wash and wax and good detail (Click Here for tips on detailing your bike)

Take the bike out for a short ride and make sure everything is working properly and the bike feels good. Once you are confident, it’s time for a road trip!