Do's and Don'ts of Motorcycle Modifications in Pennsylvania

It’s very common for motorcyclists to want to make their particular ride stand out with modifications all their own. The modifications can be made, but to legally pass inspection and emission tests, some items can’t be changed too much. There are specific regulations on what a motorcycle needs to have and can’t have to be legal and drive it on the roads in Pennsylvania.

What Are The Motorcycle Laws For Lights?

Integrated tail lights are permitted in which the stop and turn signal lamps are together only if the stop lamp turns off when the turn signal portion lights up. The lights must also be able to be seen at night from a distance of 500 feet.

LED lights are not permitted in PA as they are considered ornamental lights except if the auxiliary lights are added to the bike to protect the rider.

Neon underglow lights are considered illegal under the specification that they are extra aftermarket lights on a bike.

What Are The Motorcycle Laws for The Muffler System?

All motorcycles do need mufflers to operate legally on public roadways in Pennsylvania. The muffler must be effective in suppressing noise, be in working order, and constantly in operation. Mufflers can’t have a bypass or cutout or other device added to them and it should show no signs of repairs externally on them. It is illegal to remove the muffler from any motorcycle.

You are also not allowed to use a muffler that exceeds the noise amount for the inspection test of your motorcycle. Flowmaster mufflers may be permitted if they meet the requirements of the test.

If you put aftermarket cherry bombs or glass packs on your bike and it makes a sharp popping or crackling sound, then it is illegal because of the noise ordinances.

What Are The Motorcycle Laws for The Exhaust System?

The exhaust systems on all motorcycles can’t have cutouts or any modifications that would make them louder than allowed according to the exact vehicle. Side exhaust systems are allowed in PA, but they require a heat shield, protective system or they must be in a location to prevent the rider and passenger from burns.

What Are Other Modifications That Can And Can’t Be On A Motorcycle?

You must have both a front and rear fender to pass inspection in Pennsylvania and they must be the same size and type as the original fenders.

You must have two mirrors on your motorcycle with one on each side and they can’t be broken, discolored, or cracked. They must hold any adjustments made to them and you must be able to see behind you at least 200 feet in the rearview mirrors. Mirrors need to be 12-1/2 square inches if they are flat or 10 inches square for a convex motorcycle mirror.

You do need both the left and right front and rear turn signals to be street legal. They must not be broken and they should all blink between 60 and 120 flashes per minute.

Pennsylvania has no statute against ape hangers for your handlebars as long as they are sturdily constructed, are at least 18 inches apart between the grip ends, and have slip resistance grips on them.

This article has been provided for informational purposes only and is based on the most reliable information available on the date of publication.