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Motorcycle Insurance, ATV Insurance & Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Rider focuses solely on motorcycle, ATV and off-road vehicle insurance, and serving the needs of the motorcycle community.

Motorcycle, ATV & Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Rider Insurance is the largest provider of motorcycle insurance in the State of New Jersey. Unlike other insurance companies, Rider focuses exclusively on motorcycle insurance, and serving the needs of the motorcycle community. Rider offers motorcycle insurance, ATV/UTV and Off-road vehicle insurance coverage in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Mission Statement

To understand the unique needs of the motorcycle and off-road community and provide them with the specialized insurance coverage and service necessary, while treating each customer with respect and delivering an exceptional customer experience allowing riders to enjoy the freedom of the open road.

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Motorcycle Insurance Reviews

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Rider in the Motorcycle Community

Rider was founded by a motorcycle enthusiast and we are proud to be a part of the motorcycle community. Rider values the friendly atmosphere and extreme loyalty that exists among fellow riders.

At Rider Insurance we participate in many motorcycle related events and charities. To contact us about an event you are hosting or supporting, please contact us at 1(888)280-7510 or email MCMarketing@plymouthrock.com.

Our customers can count on us for specialized coverage and service they deserve. See the difference...Ride with Rider!