ATV & UTV / UTL Off-Road Insurance

What is an ATV?

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, and with handlebars for steering control. These vehicles have three to four wheels designed for use on various types of terrain. The 4-wheeled version is commonly called a quad, four-wheeler, or ATV. There are also 3-wheeled models that were discontinued in 1988.

What is a UTL/UTV?

A Utility Side by Side Vehicle (UTL) also referred as a UTV is vehicle that is designed to be used primarily off-road. They have four or more low-pressure tires, a steering wheel, tail light, break light, and two headlights. They also have seating for at least 2 occupants.

ATV & UTV Insurance Packages

Great Insurance Rates and Discounts

Rider insures a wide range of ATVs & UTL / UTVs with great insurance rates starting as low as $60 for ATV or UTV insurance packages, and insurance discounts to help you save money.

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Along with liability coverage, Rider offers additional coverage options to suit your needs. Getting an ATV or UTV insurance quote is easy, free, and only takes a few minutes. Don’t wait – get excellent ATV or UTV insurance coverage with Rider at better rates!

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Rider Insurance provides low rates for ATV & UTL/UTV insurance, so riders can get the right coverage at a great price.

Do You Need Insurance for Your ATV or UTV?

Insurance requirements vary from state to state. To avoid issues, click your state below to reach ATVsafety.gov and find out what you need to do.