How to Ride in Windy Conditions

Being a motorcycle rider, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature and any conditions you are presented with while riding. You are exposed to the elements and have to be particularly careful when the weather takes a downward spin. Riding in winter conditions is very dangerous, especially if there is precipitation. Riding with any kind of moisture will create traction issues. Any time there is precipitation, riding motorcycles should be avoided. However unlike rain or snow, you don’t really know when it will be windy.

Cross winds can pick up on a low speed local road or when you’re going 65mph on a highway. Wind can blow a motorcycle on an overpass and make the rider feel very uncomfortable. Here are a few tips on how to be safe while riding in windy conditions:

  • Dress properly (wear protective motorcycle gear)
  • Always make sure both hands are on the handlebars
  • Always wear a tight fitting helmet and eye protection (Certain helmet shapes or open visors may catch wind)
  • Secure any loose items on the motorcycle and make sure saddle bags are tight
  • Be observant (Look at vehicles or trees in front of you to see if they are swaying and if so, get ready for wind)
  • Maintain your speed
  • Counter steer into the direction of the wind whenever possible
  • Lean into the wind to keep pressure on the motorcycle
  • Shift your weight opposite of the wind
riding a motorcycle in windy conditions

Riding in a cross wind can be a scary experience, but can be done safely with proper preparation. For more tips on how to ride in cold weather and at night click HERE. Ride smart and ride safely.

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