Hurricane and Storm Motorcycle Preparation Tips

Hurricanes and strong storms pose a significant threat to motorcycles riders. It is very dangerous to ride in storm conditions. If at all possible, DO NOT ride and keep safe somewhere indoors.

Here are things you can do to protect your motorcycle and keep it safe:

Your best bet to keep your motorcycle protected from wind and rain is to store it indoors. A garage or shed is better protection than none at all. If you’re going to park it indoors, make sure the structure is sound and will not come collapsing down on your prized possession. Putting a cover on the bike will not hurt it in case anything were to fall on the bike. Even wrapping the motorcycle in a tarp will provide a layer of protection. If you are located in a storm surge area, consider relocating the motorcycle to another location that is outside that zone, like a family member or friend’s home.

If general flooding is a concern, use a motorcycle lift or lift table to get the bike off the ground. Better to ruin the lift than your motorcycle. Use straps to make sure the bike is secured to whatever it is elevated on.

If an indoor option is unavailable, it is best to find a location on higher ground. Bring the motorcycle close to a strong structure like a brick building or wall to shield it from winds. Portable outdoor shelters also work as good protection because of their metal frame.

There are pros and cons to motorcycle covers. A motorcycle cover could act as a sail if the wind is strong enough or, if improperly secured, could cause continuous friction and damage your paint. If you decide to use a motorcycle cover, make sure it is secure. Determining the safest location to park your motorcycle and utilizing a properly maintained and secure cover should help mitigate storm damage. Fastening a tarp over your cover will add another layer of protection. Placing padding, like a seat cushion or foam, between layers is recommended as that may help deaden the blow from any fallen debris. If possible, remove saddlebags or any accessories and bring them indoors.

storm and hurricane preparation

Strap the bike to a secure pole or wall to protect it from high winds that may move it from its kickstand. DO NOT strap the bike to a telephone pole with a transformer on it. These may blow due to power outages and damage what is below.

Use a center stand, if available, to keep the bike elevated. Check above the bike for low lying tree branches. Do not park your bike next to a dead tree or pine tree, these have the greatest chances of coming down in a storm. Make sure the bike is not in the path of traffic or in an area heavily traveled on.

Cover exhaust and air cleaners to keep water from entering the engine. Lower windshields or remove them to protect them from damage. Make sure your bike has gas and is ready to go in case of an emergency.

Practice some of these tips to be prepared for the worst. Always use caution and remember to stay safe

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