The Best Places to Ride in Pennsylvania

pa bridge with cars on it and beautiful tree sceery

Pennsylvania is a state that offers many great motorcycle riding destinations, with scenic routes that wind through mountains, forests, and historic towns. Here are some of the best places to ride a motorcycle in Pennsylvania:


  • The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon – Located in north-central Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, forests, and the Pine Creek Gorge.


  • The Laurel Highlands – The Laurel Highlands is a beautiful region in southwestern Pennsylvania that offers a variety of scenic routes, including the popular Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway. In fact, there are six routes you should check out, ranging from the Flight 93 loop to the Mason Dixon loop.


  • The Poconos – The Poconos is a mountainous region in northeastern Pennsylvania that offers scenic roads that wind through forests, along rivers, and past charming towns. The Pocono Mountains loop will take you through historic villages, past beautiful waterfalls, and offers several worthwhile museums.
  • The Alleghenies – The Allegheny National Forest Region spans across the central and western parts of the state, offering scenic roads that wind through rugged mountains, past historic towns, and through forests. These roads offer unique experiences depending on the season.

  • Lancaster County – Lancaster County is a beautiful region in southeastern Pennsylvania that offers scenic routes that wind through rolling hills, past Amish farms, and through charming historic towns. The Lancaster loop covers over 50 miles!

  • The Pennsylvania Wilds – The Pennsylvania Wilds is a vast region in north-central Pennsylvania that offers scenic routes that wind through forests, past rivers and streams, and offers views of wildlife. Route 6, known as one of America’s most scenic drives, runs through the Wilds and offers an amazing afternoon of riding.

Overall, Pennsylvania offers a variety of scenic routes and destinations that are perfect for motorcycle riders of all levels. Just be sure to follow the state’s laws and regulations and always practice safe riding habits.

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