What Is NADA Motorcycle Value?

NADA stands for National Automobile Dealers Association. Like Kelley Blue Book, NADA takes information about motorcycles and the marketplace to determine values. Values are based on condition, mileage, age, etc. We use these values to calculate payouts on total losses and thefts for Rider Insurance claims. The values determined by NADA are the fairest for the market. Values do, however, change with time. The NADA motorcycle values guide books are published three times a year (January, May and September). As per NADA’s website motorcycle pricing and values for new and used are defined as:

MSRP: MSRP is the base Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price at the time of introduction, including standard equipment only and excluding taxes, transportation and destination.

Suggested List Price: The manufacturer’s (distributor’s) highest suggested list price in the U.S. when the unit was new. Unless indicated, the suggested list price does not include destination charges, dealer set-up, state or local taxes, license tags or insurance.

Low Retail: A low retail unit may have extensive wear and tear. Body parts may have dents and blemishes. The buyer can expect to invest in cosmetic and/or mechanical work. This vehicle should be in safe running order. Low retail vehicles are not common on dealer lots. Low retail is not a trade-in value.

NADA motorcycle value guide

Average Retail: An average retail unit should be clean without obvious defects. All rubber and cables should be in good condition. The paint should match and have a good finish. All lights and switches should work properly. The mileage should be within or slightly higher than the average range. This unit should also pass any emission inspection.

It’s very easy to find the value of a motorcycle using either the published NADA guide books or the NADA website. Just search by make and model. To find out the NADA value of your motorcycle, click here.

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