Motorcycle Permits in New Jersey

Can I ride a motorcycle with a permit in NJ?

A person with a valid motorcycle learner’s permit can ride a motorcycle on public roads. The rider must hold the permit for at least 20 days while gaining more riding experience before scheduling a road test for a motorcycle endorsement or license.

Can I ride alone with a motorcycle permit?

New Jersey allows anyone with a valid motorcycle learner’s permit to ride alone on public roads to gain riding experience. The state used to require riders with learner’s permits to ride while in view of a licensed rider but did away with that requirement several years ago. There are however other restrictions when riding with a learner’s permit.  See our New Jersey Motorcycle Licensing page for more information.

How long is a motorcycle permit good for in New Jersey?

A New Jersey motorcycle permit is good for up to 90 days in New Jersey. Most people do not hold it that long unless they fail the road test that is administered by the Motor Vehicle Commission. Permit holders can register for a road test after holding the permit for at least 20 days.

You could obtain a permit and use it while completing a basic rider safety course. If you successfully complete a basic rider safety course, you do not have to complete a road test that is administered by the Motor Vehicle Commission. 

How many questions are on the motorcycle permit test in NJ?

Prospective motorcycle riders must complete a 50-question knowledge exam at a local Motor Vehicle Commission licensing center in New Jersey. Sample exams are available online that can help you to prepare for the New Jersey motorcycle permit exam. You also must complete a vision exam to qualify for an unrestricted motorcycle endorsement on your New Jersey driver’s license.

How much does a motorcycle permit cost in NJ?

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission charges a $5 fee to obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit. The actual licensing process costs significantly more, but you can ride alone or with other licensed riders with a New Jersey motorcycle learner’s permit.

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