Pennsylvania Motorcycle Permit Information

You cannot ride a motorcycle on Pennsylvania roads unless you have a motorcycle endorsement on your state-issued driver’s license. The state requires riders to pass a basic motorcycle knowledge exam and vision test and pay a $10 fee to obtain a learner’s permit.

The learner’s permit enables respective riders to operate motorcycles on public roads from dawn until dusk every day. Riders with learner’s permits must ride while under the supervision and instruction of another rider who has a Class M endorsement on a Pennsylvania driver’s license.

How long does a PA motorcycle permit last?

A PA motorcycle learner’s permit is valid for up to a year from the date it was issued. When you obtain the permit, you can schedule either a road test through a driver’s license center or training through the motorcycle safety program.

Successful completion of the motorcycle safety program waives the requirement to complete a road test and licensing examination. You must complete both if you do not complete an approved motorcycle safety course.

If you do not complete the requirements to obtain a motorcycle endorsement, the learner’s permit expires after 12 months. You can obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit up to three times over five years.

Learning riders who are under age 18 must have their learner’s permits for at least six months and accrue at least 65 hours of documented and supervised riding before seeking a motorcycle endorsement. Teens under age 18 also successfully must complete a beginner riding clinic conducted by the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program.

Can I ride alone with a motorcycle permit?

You can ride from sunrise to sunset when you have a Pennsylvania learner’s permit. You cannot ride by yourself, though. You must be under the supervision of a fully licensed rider to operate a motorcycle while you hold a learner’s permit.

The learner’s permit does not allow the operator to ride with any passengers except for another rider who is fully endorsed to operate a motorcycle. A licensed motorcyclist can ride on the back seat and act as an instructor and supervisor.

Can you take your motorcycle permit test online?

You must take and complete the knowledge exam at a Pennsylvania licensing center. The motorcycle knowledge test is not particularly difficult and is about equal to the driver’s license test. Like any test, it helps to prepare. You can find a list of sample questions in the PennDOT Motorcycle Operator Manual.

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