Rider Insurance Renewal for Pennsylvania

New Program Managed Through PlymouthRock.com

Your motorcycle insurance policy is being renewed into our new program, which includes updated coverages, a new prefix on your policy number and a new customer portal. Rider Insurance Company will continue to be the underwriting company, however your policy will be managed through Plymouthrock.com.

Renewal packages were mailed including your renewal declaration page(s), identification card(s), new policy benefits and coverage offerings and important information regarding changes to your policy.

Important Pennsylvania Policy Information

  • We will be offering two payment plan options for your new policy, 1 payment or 4 installments.
  • If you are currently on 1 payment or 4 installments, your policy will continue on the same payment plan. If your current policy is on the 6 or 9 installment plan, your new policy will be converted to the 4 installment option.
  • The 4 installment non-EFT payment plan service charge will decrease from $7 to $6.
  • The 4 installment EFT payment plan service charge will decrease from $3 to $0.
  • The fee for insufficient funds will change from $20 to $25. This fee may be applied for any payment, whether paid by check, credit card, or electronic fund transfer that is not honored by your financial institution for any reason.
  • A late fee of $15 is being added. This fee may be applied when the payment is received after the payment due date. Any payment not honored by your financial institution for any reason may be considered late.
  • The $50 and $200 deductible options for Comprehensive and Collision coverages will no longer be available.
  • If you currently have the $50 deductible option on any of your vehicles, those vehicles will have a $100 deductible on your new policy.
  • If you currently have the $200 deductible option on any of your vehicles, those vehicles will have a $150 deductible on your new policy.

Unique Benefits

Industry-Leading Claim Services – We’ve simplified the claims process with Crashbusters®, Guaranteed Repair Shops, online claim reporting and photo appraisals.

Get Home Safe® – We’ll cover your cab fare home once per policy per year up to $50 if you don’t feel safe riding (excluding mechanical breakdown).1

Mobile-Friendly Account Access – Accessing your policy is fast and easy with Manage Your Policy, eDocuments and more.

Pledge of Assurance® – If we ever fall short of our set customer service standards, we’ll make a $25 contribution to your choice of a select group of charities.

  • Rider Roadside Assistance – 24-hour assistance if your motorcycle is disabled. Coverage includes flatbed towing up to 35 miles, battery jumpstart, mechanical or electrical breakdown assistance, lockout service, emergency fluid delivery (cost of fluids not included), concierge service and an information hotline. Not available for motorcycles used off-road. 2
  • Helmet Coverage – covers safety helmets five years old or less (Department of Transportation (DOT) approved) damaged as a result of a covered comprehensive or collision loss, up to $500 per occurrence and is subject to the per motorcycle comprehensive or collision deductible.*
  • Motorcycle Safety Riding Apparel Coverage – covers up to $500 damage to safety riding apparel (clothing designed to minimize injury in a motorcycle accident) worn during a covered comprehensive or collision loss and is subject to the per motorcycle comprehensive or collision deductible.*
  • Trip Interruption Coverage – up to $600 payment for meals and lodging for an interrupted trip due to a covered collision or comprehensive loss making the insured motorcycle unusable. The loss must occur more than 100 miles from your residence.*
  • Trailer Coverage – for policies with comprehensive coverage, trailer coverage protects from damage caused by an insured peril to a trailer that can be towed by a motorcycle regardless of whether it is attached, and applies in excess above any other available coverage. This covers the trailer itself (excluding accessories and customization), not items within it.*
  • Replacement Cost Coverage – payment up to $45,000 to replace an insured motorcycle purchased new and deemed a total loss within one calendar year from the purchase date, as long as collision and/or comprehensive coverage applies to the insured motorcycle at the time of loss.*
  • Carried Property Coverage – provides up to $1,000 to repair or replace personal property damaged as a result of a covered collision or comprehensive loss to an insured motorcycle.*

Motorcycles with comprehensive and/or collision coverage automatically include up to $8,000 of accessory and customization coverage. This includes damage to accessories, chromed parts and non-standard equipment in the case of a covered motorcycle loss. You also have the option to tailor your policy with increased limits up to $30,000. Not available for ATVs or UTVs.

Interested in upgrading your Accessory Package? Contact us or speak with your agent to hear more details and check your eligibility. We’d be happy to walk you through your options.

*Available to customers who have purchased comprehensive or collision coverage.

Certain restrictions and limitations apply. Refer to the language issued in your policy or speak with your agent for complete details.

1 Get Home Safe: Policyholders may be reimbursed up to $50 for the cost of a taxi or car service ride once per policy per year for a one-way ride if they find themselves in a situation where it would be unsafe to operate their motorcycle (not applicable to mechanical breakdown). Original receipt must be submitted with the reimbursement form.

2 Roadside assistance is provided by Quest Towing Services (QTS). Cost of fluids will be responsibility of policyholder. At no charge to the policyholder, a tow will be provided to any qualified repair facility of policyholder’s choice within a 35 mile radius of the motorcycle’s disablement location. If the policyholder requests to be towed to a destination beyond 35 miles, the policyholder will be responsible to pay the tower at the time of tow the difference in cost from the nearest qualified repair facility within 35 miles and the tow destination they requested. Winching (usually defined as 25 to 30 feet from road depending on tower’s equipment) will be included in the Roadside Services provided for passenger motorcycles. Roadside assistance service for motorcycles does not include services for motorcycles used off-road, trailers used to haul motorcycles, or any service that is reasonably non-accessible to towers. A $75 limit applies to reimbursements for roadside assistance services that were not obtained by contacting QTS. Policyholder is solely responsible for payment directly to the service provider for any fees for accommodations arranged by Concierge Services. A maximum amount of $150 will be reimbursed if the service provider is unable to provide assistance due to specific highway towing restrictions. A copy of the receipt is required.