New Jersey: Applicable to New Business policies effective on or after 10/11/2020, or Renewal policies effective on or after 10/24/2020.

Pennsylvania: Applicable to New Business policies effective on or after 6/13/2020, or Renewal policies effective on or after 8/15/2020.

For NJ new policies effective prior to 10/11/20, NJ renewal policies effective prior to 10/24/20, PA new policies effective prior to 6/13/20 or PA renewal policies effective prior to 8/15/20, please click here.

Billing & Payments

Do not wait for us to send you a bill. Your policy will not be issued until payment is received. If you are mailing your payment, your policy will be effective the date after the postmark if a future date had not been previously selected.

We offer 2 payment options, 1 payment and 4 installments.

We offer several ways to pay your bill:

Online by clicking on any of the QuickPay Links on any page on

Online by clicking on Motorcycle Insurance Payment.

With AutoPay (EFT) – scheduled payments will be automatically deducted from your bank account. Sign up now and save money on service charges and postage!

By Mail – Send your check and payment stub in the envelope we provided or, print out a copy of your bill from the Documents page in your online account and mail it to us. Don’t forget to write your policy number on the check! Please allow at least 5 business days for your payment to be processed.

We accept electronic withdrawals from your checking or savings account. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We do not accept withdrawals from Money Market accounts.

Your policy will not cancel if the payment is not received by the due date, however a late fee will be incurred.

If you receive a notice of cancellation, your policy will cancel as of the cancellation date indicated on the notice. If your policy is in cancellation due to non-payment, your policy will cancel as of the cancellation date, unless the payment amount is paid prior to the cancellation date.

Yes, you can submit a payment on a cancelled or expired policy through your online account or here. If you are seeking reinstatement for a non-payment cancellation, please contact us or your agent.

If you cancel your policy, you may be entitled to a refund. Not all refunds are pro-rated. Pro-rated means that the amount of time the policy was in effect is compared to the 12 month term and that proportion is multiplied against the premium.


You can report a claim 24/7 by selecting Report a Claim Online from any page on or by calling your agent. You can always contact us directly too.

Whenever possible, all losses should be reported immediately to the police. A police report is mandatory for all theft, attempted theft, and theft with recovery claims. In many states it is also required for all hit and run claims.

You are not required to take your motorcycle to a specific dealer or repair shop; however, the facility must be licensed by the state. If your motorcycle is covered under a factory or extended warranty, please check with your motorcycle dealer for any restrictions or conditions that apply that may void your warranty. You can also ask your claims representative for preferred repair facilities.

No. As Rider Insurance Company has paid you to have the parts replaced, you are not entitled to keep the damaged parts. At the discretion of the company, all damaged parts are either picked up by our salvage dealer or disposed of by the repair facility.

In the event of a loss, your policy remains in effect until we receive a written and signed request from you to cancel the policy or to delete a motorcycle. If the motorcycle is a total loss, you may request a cancellation or deletion as of the day following the accident or incident. If your motorcycle is stolen, it is suggested you maintain coverage for a minimum of thirty days or until the claim is resolved, at which time you may request a cancellation or deletion as of the day following the theft.


Pays for covered losses caused by impact with another vehicle or object. Policy limit for collision coverage is $45,000, subject to deductible and policy exclusions. Coverage is optional. All vehicles must be listed in the N.A.D.A. Book to qualify for collision coverage.

Pays for covered losses from damage not related to a collision with another vehicle or object. Types of coverage covered under comprehensive insurance includes natural disasters and storms, fire, vandalism, theft, damaged caused by hitting an animal and falling objects. A motorcycle is eligible for this coverage if it is listed in the NADA appraisals guide and is within 40 years of the current calendar. Coverage is optional and subject to a deductible and $45,000 policy limit.

Rider Insurance will pay replacement cost for certain total loss motorcycles. Motorcycles that are entitled to replacement cost must have been purchased new and within one calendar year of the date of loss. Replacement cost means the cost of purchasing the same motorcycle or the price you paid for it, whichever is less, minus the deductible. It is up to the insured to find a replacement bike. Invoices will be required. Replacement cost does not include every dollar spent when the bike was purchased. For example, it will not include payment for extended warranties or other dealer incentives; it will also not guarantee that any loan will be completely paid off, if that loan exceeded the unit cost of the bike.

The maximum Rider will pay will be $45,000, plus accessories, if eligible (up to the accessory limit). Accessories coverage is not included in the replacement cost coverage. Accessories will be covered under the accessory coverage endorsement where applicable.

The Rider Accessory Package applies to all qualifying vehicles listed on the declaration page of your policy of insurance with comprehensive or collision coverage. For no additional premium, the Rider Accessory Package includes two separate coverage benefits. First, it supplies coverage for accessories, chromed parts and non-standard equipment and customized paint up to a maximum of $8,000 ($3,000 for paint), subject to the per motorcycle deductible. Second, it supplies coverage for trailers, as excess above any other available coverage. You also have the option to tailor your policy with increased limits up to $30,000. Not available for ATVs or UTVs.

If you purchased comprehensive or collision coverage, you are automatically covered for the following items: damage to DOT approved helmets 5 years old or less to a maximum of $500, after applying the collision deductible; and safety apparel that was damaged in an accident, to a maximum of $500, separate from the $500 maximum for a helmet, after applying the collision deductible. Finally, the package supplies trip interruption coverage for a limited reimbursement for meals and lodging if you get stuck more than 100 miles from your home because of an accident.

If you purchased comprehensive coverage or collision coverage, trailer coverage protects from damage caused by an insured peril to a trailer that can be towed by a motorcycle regardless of whether it is attached, and applies in excess above any other available coverage. This covers the trailer itself (excluding accessories and customization), not items within it.

This is an optional coverage which pays medical bills for the operator and passengers in an accident. The coverage is provided regardless of fault. Limit options include options up to $25,000.

No, your motorcycle is not covered outside the United States. The only exception is Canada, and you will have to obtain a Canadian ID card from Rider Insurance as proof of insurance. Please contact us with your request.

Customer Service

Adding an additional operator may increase the premium depending on the operator’s age, motor vehicle record and vehicle assignment. All additional operators must be disclosed.

Every person in your household who rides the bike must be on the policy. Also, any person in your household who has a motorcycle license must be on the policy regardless of whether they ride the bike, unless they have coverage under a separate policy.

After your policy has been processed, you can register your account here in our customer portal. Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to view and print policy documents and make installment and renewal payments.

To add a vehicle to your policy during business hours, contact us at 1(888)280-7510 and be sure to have the Vehicle Identification Number available.

Our three-digit company code is 878.

Our NAIC # is 34509.

A special ID card is needed when traveling to Canada. You will need to contact our office ahead of time with the dates of travel. This card cannot be faxed, so please leave enough time for our office to process your request and mail the card to you. This service is provided free of charge.

To cancel by phone, contact our office at 1(844)784-8856. You may also send a signed letter by mail, or email to [email protected].

Eligible refunds will take up to four (4) weeks from the time your cancellation request is processed.

New Policies

In order to start a policy, you will need to provide us with your driver’s license number and the Vehicle Identification Number in addition to your personal information.

When starting a policy, your options are:

By Phone

Call our Sales Department at (888) 280-7510, during normal business hours, with your driver’s license number and Vehicle Identification Number and one of our representatives will assist you. We can bind coverage over the phone and you can pay by credit card or set up electronic fund transfer at that time. If you chose to mail in your payment, your policy will become effective the day after the postmark date on the envelope containing your payment or the future date previously selected.


Complete the online application and make the required payment by credit card or electronic fund transfer and start your policy anytime.

Permit and licensing requirements vary by age and vehicle type. Please contact us for further details.

There is no waiting period to start a policy. The policy can take effect at the time of the phone call or completion of the online application with payment or up to 90 days in advance. A policy number will be issued and proof of coverage will be provided at that time for registration purposes.

Once your payment is received, your paperwork will be processed and your ID card and declaration page will be mailed out. Proof of coverage can also be provided by email or fax while you are waiting for your documents. All policy documents can also be found in the Policy Documents section in the customer portal after you register your account.

If you are mailing in your payment, please include your policy number on the check or money order.

At this time we are only accepting new policyholders in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In order to qualify for coverage, you must be a resident of New Jersey or Pennsylvania and have a valid driver’s license in that state. If you live outside of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and would like to get an insurance quote, please click here.