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Getting a scooter insurance quote or moped insurance quote from Rider Insurance is easy, free, and only takes a few minutes.

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Do you need scooter or moped insurance coverage?

In the face of rising gas prices and increased environmental awareness, more people are discovering how scooters and mopeds make it easier to get around town and reduce fuel costs, while being environmentally conscious. If you are a scooter or moped owner, make sure you get the insurance coverage that best suits your needs. Count on Rider for hassle-free service.

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Scooter & Moped Packages

Rider provides low insurance rates for your scooter or moped. With coverage options ranging from liability only, to our insurance packages and insurance discounts, it’s easy to get a scooter or moped insurance quote and start riding with Rider today. Check out our insurance packages and discounts, then get a quick insurance quote for your scooter or moped and see how much you can save by choosing Rider.

Hassle-Free Scooter Insurance Quotes

Rider Insurance provides low rates for Scooter and Moped insurance, so riders can get the right coverage at a great price. Don’t wait – get a quote for scooter or moped insurance coverage with Rider at better rates and Ride with Rider today!

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Do You Need Insurance for Your Scooter or Moped?

Insurance requirements vary from state to state. To avoid issues, check out the licensing and insurance by state information for New Jersey or Pennsylvania, or check your state for information on how to get a scooter insurance quote in your state.