Rider Insurance Claims Information

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If you have a general question about claims, or if you would like to check the status of an existing claim, please:

  • Review our Claims FAQ for answers to common questions about claims and claim processing.
  • Call our office during regular business hours.
  • Email us at Claims@rider.com.
  • To locate a claim form for your state, see below.
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Motorcycle Accident

Report a Claim

Rider offers 24-hour online claims service. You can report a claim online or by phone. One of our claims representatives will contact you within 48 hours of receiving the report to assist you with the processing of your claim.

  • To file a claim by phone, call toll free (866) 211-0055 (24 hours).
  • To file a claim online, complete and submit the claims report information form. Once completed, the information will be processed into our system.

Report Your Claim Online Now

Claim Forms by State

Below are downloadable claim forms which may be needed in the event of an accident: